Every animal deserves a Chance.
Please help us help them
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We are a non profit 501(c) (3)animal rescue / sanctuary located in Gainesville Texas for dogs, reptiles, horses, parrots and wildlife
Fed ID 45-3639321

We were founded after the story of Chance the Great Dane was posted on our FB wall and we knew it was time to do more. You can see his complete story at Chance's Story.

We are in never ending need of food and supplies for the rescues and sanctuary animals in our care

Through donations we can help those who can't help themselves.

Our Mission Statement:

To be the bridge between what was and what can be through love, care and kindness and to bring awareness to the public about the needs and sufferings of animals until all have a loving home or live in sanctuary here at Chance's Haven
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Welcome to Chance's Haven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
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