Chance was found staggering down a lonely dirt road with the remnants of a rope around his neck. Completely emaciated to a mere 47 pounds of his 160-pound ideal weight. A picture posted on Facebook let us know it was time to do more than say " If I could help I would." Chance's Haven was founded. 


We are Honored to be the family that Chance came to live with and be our Boss at the rescue as well as a very loved family member! Through Chance's story we hope to inspire others to lend a helping hand in any form possible to shelters and rescues so that others may know the love and kindness that he received. Through spay & neuter programs and kindness outreach programs, we hope to educate the public on the needs of these animals, until no one is left without a home and a loving family. Our motto to live by is simple, "Everyone deserves a Chance!" That motto is what has now motivated us to begin our community outreach program.


Community Outreach Program

Chance's is proud to be the recipient of donations from generous corporations to help the economically disadvantaged familes of Cooke County Texas. It is our belief that in order for a community to thrive, we all need to work together to aid any in need be it human or animal.  Stay tuned for more info on donation partnerships and available assistance. 


If you are a company looking to donate please use the contact us form and we will be honored to accept your aid for families or animals and place them into the deserving hands and paws of those in need.







Samantha is a devoted rescuer who works tirelessly to care for animals and to help with the overall operations of the shelter. Samantha is a full time college student and works every spare hour to help coordinate all rescues as well as all events. Her love of animals started at an early age and has blossomed into rescue. Her degree will be in law, and Samantha wants to base her philanthropy work on animal rights.

A long time animal lover, Karen Holland oversees our daily operation and funding for the care of all of our fur kids. What started out as being the county “corner to drop an unwanted animal” has become her passion. Karen brings many years of business management to provide the best possible for the Haven. Her goal is to provide a warm/cool loving environment, while working with all types of rehabilitation issues from behavioral problems to medical needs to simple neglect, in order to find loving homes for all who pass through the gates of the Haven because as our motto says “Because Every One Deserves a Chance!“

The Haven has many wonderful volunteers who work tirelessly to care for the animals and bring joy and love into their lives. The Volunteers make daily chores a labor of love! Thank You SO MUCH to all of our wonderful volunteers!

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